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Do it Right or Don’t do it at all – A Review

Do it Right or Don’t do it at all – A Review

” VRIKSHASANA” ( Tree pose -Strengthens: Vertebral column, Thigh, Ankle, Calf )

Once every year, my in-laws visit us from Gwalior and spend time with us and our kids in Bangalore.

This year they just arrived a few weeks back.

It is a special occasion for the kids as this is their chance to get pampered by their grand parents!!

One day, I got up early in the morning and found my mother-in-law doing some strange looking form of exercise. Being a fitness instructor myself, I was naturally curious to know what she was doing and inquired her about it.

When she said that she is doing Yoga, I was really surprised since it didn’t look like Yoga from any stretch of imagination.

It was more of a mix of stretching and warm up exercise. I started asking her more about it and thats when I realized that my mother-in-law was trying to do yoga steps thats she had learned almost 30 years back. Ofcourse, after all these years have passed, she could not remember exact yoga steps very clearly. We had a very animated discussion where I tried telling her to either do it in correct form or not do it at all as there is a high chance of getting injury due to improper form.

After almost two hours of back and forth arguments, she finally understood that ‘bad’ form is going to cause her more harm than good. All good so far.

However, it got me thinking that most of us do the same mistake when we go to the Gym.  We will find people doing all sorts of exercises in completely different form. In their own mind, they are doing alright however without proper guidance and support and with no one to correct their form, they continue to do their own stuff and then keep wondering later why they are not seeing the results they expect.

Back home, I started looking for some good material on Yoga which can gift to my mom-in-Law when she goes back to Gwalior. I found this simple and easy to learn Yoga CD for her. It is perfect for both beginners and experts level.

I ended up buying two copies – one for her and one for me!!

If you are already into Yoga advanced level OR just starting out, check the link below.  This might help you kick start your Yoga journey in the best possible manner.

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