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You want a fit and toned body with well defined abs???

Well, It takes time and hard work and most definitely requires a lifestyle change; however, it’s very doable.

🙂 However, You have to be realistic; you can’t workout like crazy, eat junk food and then expect to see results😁

So what should you do???

👉🏼 Simple, Commit to Living a Healthy Lifestyle!!

Stay on track and FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS daily….

3 simple and most important things to remember!!!

* Fuel your body with the RIGHT food

* Exercise regularly

* Stay Motivated

We all know that in order to lose fat and gain lean muscle, We need to consume protein, carbs and fat in the right proportion. However, Indian diet is generally rich in carbs and fat and does not contain enough protein.

Hence, the challenge is to get the required amount of protein through whole foods and still maintain the right proportion. That’s where whey protein supplement helps a lot.

👉🏼Whey Protein is One of milk’s two proteins ( other being Casein).

Once in the body, it breaks down quickly, swiftly sending its aminos to muscle tissue hence boosting protein synthesis and, therefore, muscle growth. It’s perfect for me first thing in the morning, before and after my workouts as anything else like eggs, chicken breast, fish will take more time to digest .

Now WHEY not onlyyyyy delivers protein but also contains peptides that help increase blood flow to muscles, which is specially helpful before my workouts.

• Promotes muscle growth
• Expedites muscle recovery
• Increases muscular energy

My choice and recommendation ??


It is easily available in your local supplements store. But, if cannot find it there, Do not worry.

You can order it online directly from Amazon’s Store:

Stay fit..Stay blessed 🙏🙂

Do it Right or Don’t do it at all – A Review

Do it Right or Don’t do it at all – A Review

” VRIKSHASANA” ( Tree pose -Strengthens: Vertebral column, Thigh, Ankle, Calf )

Once every year, my in-laws visit us from Gwalior and spend time with us and our kids in Bangalore.

This year they just arrived a few weeks back.

It is a special occasion for the kids as this is their chance to get pampered by their grand parents!!

One day, I got up early in the morning and found my mother-in-law doing some strange looking form of exercise. Being a fitness instructor myself, I was naturally curious to know what she was doing and inquired her about it.

When she said that she is doing Yoga, I was really surprised since it didn’t look like Yoga from any stretch of imagination.

It was more of a mix of stretching and warm up exercise. I started asking her more about it and thats when I realized that my mother-in-law was trying to do yoga steps thats she had learned almost 30 years back. Ofcourse, after all these years have passed, she could not remember exact yoga steps very clearly. We had a very animated discussion where I tried telling her to either do it in correct form or not do it at all as there is a high chance of getting injury due to improper form.

After almost two hours of back and forth arguments, she finally understood that ‘bad’ form is going to cause her more harm than good. All good so far.

However, it got me thinking that most of us do the same mistake when we go to the Gym.  We will find people doing all sorts of exercises in completely different form. In their own mind, they are doing alright however without proper guidance and support and with no one to correct their form, they continue to do their own stuff and then keep wondering later why they are not seeing the results they expect.

Back home, I started looking for some good material on Yoga which can gift to my mom-in-Law when she goes back to Gwalior. I found this simple and easy to learn Yoga CD for her. It is perfect for both beginners and experts level.

I ended up buying two copies – one for her and one for me!!

If you are already into Yoga advanced level OR just starting out, check the link below.  This might help you kick start your Yoga journey in the best possible manner.

Click Here!

Don’t Wait For Good Health

Don’t Wait For Good Health

Health is everything, as we well know. But often, it takes a backseat to everything in life. Our family, careers and so much more come first, that we often wait too long to take care of ourselves and our health.

I have always believed in being proactive and that prevention is better than the cure. Here’s four simple steps that anyone can follow with ease:

  1. Undertake some form of physical activity at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each time
  2. Watch your weight
  3. Avoid high saturated fat, and sugary foods
  4. Manage stress by taking regular breaks and taking time out from stressful situations

But in our busy lifestyles, some people don’t even have time for this, leading to chronic conditions such as Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes & High BP. They delay tests, therefore delaying diagnosis and then, delay actually taking action.

All this waiting and delays leads to even more problems down the road. Now check out this video by Aditya Birla Health about “Intezaar”

Now, if you’ve decided you’ve had enough of waiting…it’s time to take a look at the Aditya Birla Health Insurance program and the Chronic Management Program.

The program covers conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol from Day 1.

Treatment for chronic illnesses can be very expensive, and you want to be in a financially secure position to face any such unfortunate challenges. The policy offers benefits such as:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Pharmacy expenses
  • Hospitalization cover

It also gives you a chance to earn HealthReturns™ which rewards you as the policy holder for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. You will also have access to Wellness Coaches who will keep you on track to good health and act as reminders that you need to pay attention to your health today!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Visit a doctor of your choice

Step 2: Take the required tests

Step 3: Get the required medication

At each step, , using your HealthReturns™ you can make a claim for reimbursement of expenses and fees.

You also gain access to the Activ Health App that ensures that:

  • You track your fitness and Activ Dayz™
  • Check your HealthReturns™ Balance
  • Maintain health records
  • Find doctors in your area
  • Check and renew your policy

Don’t wait, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Stay healthy and stay blessed.



When it comes to performance, there are many things that make up on how good you perform.
It’s almost impossible to talk about all the factors that make up your performance, but I’m going to talk about something that is very important and what people generally and easily overlook.
That is “hydration”. When thinking of hydration most people only think of water. Water is of course the most important one but water on its own can not help you perform at your best under demanding conditions.
For your best performance, you also need the correct combination of fast digesting carbohydrates and electrolytes.
Reason why you need fast acting carbohydrates is to continuously provide you readymade energy for the  activity that you are undertaking. Your fast acting carbohydrates in this condition should come from glucose and dextrose. These two, get absorbed and used very easily by the muscles and don’t cause heavy stomach. That is exactly what you need during strenuous exercise.
With the fast absorbing carbohydrates you also need the right balance of electrolytes. The main electrolytes are your potassium, sodium, magnesium and chloride. Many people don’t know this but without proper electrolyte balance your muscles can not contract and perform at their best. Another big problem with electrolyte imbalance is muscle cramping and loss of strength, which are all very vital for your best performance.
As many people know I compete in bodybuilding at international level and also take Zumba/aerobics classes, so the training for bodybuilding and taking aerobics classes is very taxing on the body and you need something that is going to not only provide you with readymade energy but also prevent loss of strength and stop cramping.
For the above purpose, I only ever want to use the best. And this is why I choose to use Enerzal. Because it is perfect balance of fast absorbing carbohydrates and electrolytes. Each ready to drink pack gives me nearly 15 grams of fast absorbing carbohydrates and the necessary electrolytes.
Another great thing about this is, you can drink this anytime of the day for quick energy boost or if you are feeling tired.
So now you all know why and how I’m able to push myself very hard in my workouts and in my classes.
You can buy these drinks near your local store or order directly from Amazon.